Is BMI Outmoded in Determining a Healthy Body Weight?

Is BMI Outmoded in Determining a Healthy Body Weight?

The Body Mass Index, or BMI, has long been used as a measurement to determine healthy weight levels for patients. Lately, however, there has been some controversy about the measurement, and the belief that it is too arbitrary is gaining traction. The calculation is a simple one, divide the squared height of the patient by their weight. The flaws in the BMI standard are many, from not considering body shape or muscle mass to ignoring age and gender as contributing factors. These shortfalls are leading many in the medical community to question whether or not BMI is outmoded for determining a healthy body weight for many individuals.

Medical professionals are now leaning more toward the BVI system of measurement. Created in partnership with the Mayo Clinic, Select Research’s BVI Pro takes two 3D photos of the patient in order to create a more comprehensive profile of their health. These scans focus on the abdomen and physicians believe that this measurement will provide a much more accurate overview of patients’ health. While BVI is still in the development phase, its future looks very bright.

Studies have shown that fat that accumulates around the midsection presents the greatest risk of insulin problems and metabolic conditions. With the BVI measurement, doctors are better able to assess the overall health of their patients. As the Mayo Clinic continues their testing to ensure accuracy and effectiveness of this measurement, it is hoped that BVI will replace BMI as the standard measure by 2020. The continued peer-reviewed studies are allowing the Mayo Clinic to validate the success of BVI in its clinical trials. As the medical community adapts to this new measurement, it is hoped that the more relevant information will help both patients and their doctors create an effective plan to maximize their good health.

The Select Research BVI Pro is currently available to consumers as a “freemium” option with up to 5 scans available for free. The app is also available for primary care physicians, personal trainers, nutritionists, and the like. Anyone that is not satisfied with their BMI results and believe that they are not an accurate reflection of their health can access the BVI test to receive a more comprehensive overview of their current health status. With BMI’s limitations, it makes sense that the medical community is looking to revamp the screening process for obesity. As obesity becomes even more of a national health issue, it is imperative that patients and their doctors believe that they are receiving the best and most relevant information.

In particular, women who are athletic and have a higher than typical level of muscle mass are often discouraged with an obesity diagnosis. The BMI standard does not allow for any nuance or discernment in its conclusions and the results are often misleading. Whether you are looking to lose weight or want a more insightful measurement of your physical health, ask your medical professional about the new BVI and what it can tell you about your present status.

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