Interesting Medical Technology that Sounds Like Science Fiction

Interesting Medical Technology that Sounds Like Science Fiction

Recent developments in medical technology continue to bridge the gap between real-life and a futuristic movie. There have been many technological advancements that would not seem out of place on the set of Star Trek or in other fictional venues. From diagnostic devices that allow patients to monitor their health to using augmented reality to teach young doctors advanced surgical techniques, the advancements are truly astounding. If you are interested in learning more about some exciting and interesting medical technology breakthroughs that sound like science fiction, continue reading to find out more.

One of the most impactful developments may be the creation of synthetic blood. Created from stem cells, this product allows doctors to treat rare blood diseases and disorders, with the hope that there will soon be the ability to create enough to provide safe and healthy blood transfusion options without the risk of spreading disease. There are also exciting breakthroughs happening in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. While there is still no cure, doctors are encouraged by the results of a new technique to break up amyloid plaques in the brain, one of the main causes of the ailment. With this new technology, there may be an improvement in the patient’s memory and other cognitive skills. Still in the test phase, results from testing on lab rats have been successful.

Perhaps less exciting, but gaining a lot of attention due to its ability to streamline the entire medical field, is the use of interoperability in the medical community. This information technology will combine all medical records in a central depository thereby eliminating lost time as all doctors on a medical team await access to all of their patients’ relevant data. Interoperability will also connect all departments of a hospital or medical center allowing various departments to access real-time data without a lag.

Mobile stroke treatment units or MSTUs are currently in use in New York, Denver, Houston, and Cleveland are expected to soon be available in almost half of all major cities in the country. This device is dispatched with ambulance emergency teams when they are responding to stroke victims. Due to the time-sensitive nature of stroke events, these units are truly lifesavers. They are able to diagnose, in the patient’s home, the cause of the stroke, which allows the EMTs to immediately administer the correct medication and advise the hospital of the result prior to the patient’s arrival.

These are just a few of recent medical breakthroughs that have recently been in the news. These stories will continue to evolve as MSTUs get more use, and synthetic blood is used in greater amounts. The advancements in Alzheimer’s treatment are very encouraging and will hopefully move out of testing in the near future. And as less exciting as it may be, the implementation of interoperability may make your next visit to the hospital a much more streamlined experience! Stay posted to hear more about the exciting advancements that continue to astound the medical community. The future of medicine looks very bright indeed!

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