How to Get Some Indoor Exercise During Inclement Weather

How to Get Some Indoor Exercise During Inclement Weather

Exercise routines are one aspect of our lives that greatly benefit from repetition and regularity. But what about those days when it just isn’t possible to go for a run due to bad weather or childcare duties? If you find yourself indoors but don’t want to skip your workout, these tips offer some great ways to get some indoor exercise during inclement weather. Even if you don’t have home gym equipment, there are plenty of free and easy options available to help you keep your exercise plan on track, even in stormy weather.

Calisthenics, similar to school gym class exercises, are very easy to do at home, and you may be surprised at how effective they can be. Cardio workouts can include jumping rope or doing jumping jacks. While running in place can be awkward and not terribly effective, marching in place and raising your knees as high as possible is a good alternative.  Simple sit-ups and push-ups are also good exercises, as are lunges and wall sitting, add in some of your favorites to keep it interesting! These indoor friendly exercises are easy to do and will help to keep you active on snowy or rainy days.

Yoga positions, especially plank position, are an effective way to keep your core engaged even if you can’t make it out to your favorite yoga class. There is a multitude of free yoga channels available on YouTube that will guide you through a complete program. Stretching is another useful option when you are confined to the indoors, and if it isn’t already a part of your daily life, it is a simple and therapeutic activity that should be a part of any exercise regimen. YouTube offers a full complement of exercise videos that are geared toward all experience levels and abilities.

Adapting chores such as cleaning may sound corny and ineffective, you may be surprised by the amount of activity you can build into your daily chores. Vacuuming and mopping are the two most obvious tasks that can be ramped up to increase your energy output. It is also a good opportunity to tackle tasks that are often put off, such as vacuuming the stairs or bringing out the step ladder to dust hard to reach places. Wearing wrist and ankle weights while you go about your regular schedule is another way to give your indoor workout a boost.

Keeping to your exercise routine is important and one or two missed days can quickly turn into a week without a workout. When there is bad weather or another factor that is preventing you from getting outside it can be too easy to just forgo exercising that day. Instead of throwing your running shoes to the back of the closet on a rainy morning, try these helpful tips that will allow you get some exercise even if you can’t get outside. These simple indoor exercises can help you to stay on track and keep moving, no matter the weather!

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